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In the lead up to his album release, it topped out at #9 on the U. "You have to make your own fun and there's a whole lot of sitting in fields, and a whole lot of Bud Light and fishing poles.

It's real hot in south Georgia, so all of the girls were wearing sundresses.

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Shortly after graduating from Middle Tennessee State University, Chris signed his first songwriting deal.

Over the next few years Chris spent his time on music row honing his craft as a writer.

Moore's father was a golf pro, and Kip initially followed in his father's athletic footsteps.

He earned a golf scholarship Georgia's Valdosta State University, but during school, music began to exert a greater hold on his life.

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Listen to Lauren Alaina, “Next Boyfriend” Showdown Rules: The song with the most votes wins, and the winner goes on to face a new challenger in the next Showdown.Despite the softer musical surroundings, Moore sings with the same intensity as his louder songs, suggesting he knows just one way to do it: from the heart."I was always drawn to powerful voices that made me feel something," he tells . I've never been a fan of a really pretty singer. I've always been more drawn to people like Stevie Nicks who had grit and heartache in there." Moore will be taking his own grit and heartache international in 2016.If a song wins five Showdowns in a row, it will be retired into the Taste of Country Showdown Hall of Fame to allow for new songs to compete.Kip Moore has been keeping the tracks on his upcoming record on the down-low, but now he's sharing a brand new song called “The Bull.” With it comes a video that truly tells a story, featuring Moore on a journey through the ups and downs of pursuing a ...Two-time National On-Air Personality of the Year nominee, Academy of Country Music Awards & One-time National On-Air Personality of the Year nominee, Country Music Association Broadway is the Host of The Electric Barnyard heard weekdays on WWYZ, KYWD, and WBCT. His charitable efforts include work with organizations that support abused and neglected children in West Michigan, the American Cancer Society, and St. In all, he has helped to raise over 1.5 million dollars.


  1. The experiences of the men in the video underscore how badly these representations are needed in the "real world." Some of these stereotypes play out most obviously on online dating sites, where we often judge one another in nanoseconds based on a single photo.

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  3. Love is there and still living if you are prepared for romance and know exactly what you want.

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