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Ultimately, Ahmad selected "Corn Fed", while Kamal did not select a winner.

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Determined to make a lasting impression on Chance, Judith decided to dry hump her way to the top.

Exposing her overt sexuality, the woman nicknamed So Hood was eliminated on the 3rd episode, but was able to make a lasting impression on viewers.

Where are they now, and really, can you blame them for wanting to get some of this?

: blog.vh1So Hood Feeling a connection with Chance, So Hood ended her engagement to participate in the show.

The White Rabbit Cabaretpresents Let's Make A Date!

Weekenders rejoice, it's a special weekend edition. Come win a chance at love at Indy's only live dating game show, 'Let's Make A Date! Don't worry this show is a great times for everyone.Real Chance of Love (season 1) is the first season of the VH1 reality television dating series entitled Real Chance of Love.Brothers Ahmad Givens (Real) and Kamal Givens (Chance), former contestants on I Love New York, are the central figures.People initially fell in love with the Givens brothers because they seemed so sweet and genuine on “I Love New York;” however, on their own shows they came off as immature, misogynistic, and disrespectful to some of the girls, “Real Chance of Love” turned into the show that people loved to hate, and continued to gain more viewers each episode.So, who were these girls that vied for the attention of the brothers who loved to wear empty holsters?The show, which premiered October 20, 2008, features seventeen female contestants taking part in various challenges in a format similar to other VH1 and MTV dating contest programs.


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