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The new song, which is the first Sarah has released in five years, is available to listen to on You Tube with an accompanying video diary.

About the new track, Sarah said: The song Sarah arrived while I was living on a farm that I had purchased in 2013.

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10 | My diary I have all my journals dating back to 2000.

I’m not particular about the kinds of notebooks I use.

The four older tracks are taken from Blue Parade and Universe.

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3 | My library I’ve been building a library of great thinkers—Tolstoy, Nietzsche, Marcus Aurelius, Jane Jacobs, Gandhi—all my adult life. Science, religion and philosophy all point to the mystery of existence, which is what art is really about. Compared with a grand piano, a keyboard on a stand looks so sad.

4 | My vinyl I used to have a huge LP collection, but as any vinyl lover knows, it’s heavy and hard to store. My dad helped me make a wooden shell to hide the wires and cables and make it pretty.

Sarah Slean is an EP by Sarah Slean, featuring three new tracks and four from her back catalogue.


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