Who is the woman in the att dating commercial

“Mark really connects with consumers on their behalf and it’s incredibly authentic,” Bentley said.

Wahlberg became involved in the project after meeting with Bentley.

television and film experience, in that he's not really found much success in the latter, aside from a stint on "Mercy" last year. (I'm being told over on Twitter that he's also known in the UK as The Gold Blend Guy! Hallie Eisenberg: Can you believe that Hallie Eisenberg is actually 18 years old now? Worrell character -- was in both commercials and low-rent hillbilly movies -- he was the friendly redneck, and God Bless America for loving him in Ernest Goes to Jail, Ernest Goes to Camp, and Ernest Scared Stupid. The truth is, I don't really even remember what product he's best remembered for, which kind of made him a lousy pitch man: 4. But he's also in a ton of commercials, even today (to be honest, this list was inspired by a Whalen sighting in some commercial for a cell phone).

You may now Hallie from her roles in Bicentennial Man or How to Eat Fried Worms. David Leisure: Leisure has been in every crappy straight-to-DVD comedy and every forgettable sitcom of the last 20 years, including an 8-year stint as a regular on "Empty Nest," during the '80s and '90s (did that show really last 8 years? You'll see him every once in a while in an older movie or a television re-run while you're flipping the channels (or even now, on a soap opera), and your first immediate thought will be: Hey! I don't even think they make Isuzus anymore, which just shows you the staying power of David Leisure. He's probably done 50 or 60 commercials -- you'll see him a lot, but he'll probably only register as a familiar face and little else.

Look how he immerses himself in all these pop culture references, including alongside John Ratzenberger, David Hasselhoff, the cast of Game of Thrones, and Big Bird.

Breaking from his ordinary embargo on appearing in commercials, Mark Wahlberg has chosen to appear in a new ad campaign from AT&T to promote its new HBO-inclusive Direc TV, wireless, and internet package.

(There was an interesting article on this phenomenon a few years ago on Slate, which I can't seem to find.) More often than not, you have no idea what that actor's name is, at least until you see him or her on a television show or up on the big screen, at which point you exclaim, "Hey!

That's the guy from that commercial." Today's Seriously Random List explores the always under-appreciated "guy from that commercial." It's not about famous actors who appeared in commercials before they were stars, or even current celebrities, like Sam Waterston, who are inextricably linked to a certain product.

And Soni’s Yahoo role is by no means a happily-ever-after.

Besides the obvious troubles of a competitive comedy world, the perpetual threat of cancellation and questions of race, a more democratic shot to the top has created “that much more competition,” says Nunan, who previously led UPN (now the CW) and NBC.

“We’re fine-tuning these small cells that improve coverage, capacity and quality of the network,” says a bespectacled Indian guy to a questioning woman. “When you enthusiasm about the future of Web-driven TV: “It’s cool to be, like, in the first wave of it,” he reflects. But, whoops, he accidentally took so many theater classes that he ditched the biz plan.


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