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Sure enough, when we came to review the video of that marvellous goal, there was yours truly ambling across to try to block the ball going into Henry.

Before we knew it, he had flicked it up and volleyed it into our net.

She also finished management in some school in the United States.

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Okay, those heels are not ten inches but they should be banned because they’re bad for women’s health.

Hey Andrea, haven’t you heard of the bad effects of high heels? That Christian Louboutin designer fellow is destroying women’s feet and deserves to be in jail. Anyhoo, Thierry and Andrea reportedly met and fell in love in Spain. They’re so in love they don’t mind showing their “fucking private business” to the world.

In 2004, Mrs Parlour was awarded one-third of her former husband’s future earnings — more than £1.6 million over four years — as well as two houses and a £250,000 lump sum after a Court of Appeal ruling A similar deal for Ms Merry, 27, would see her earning £2million a year during the course of his four-year contract with Barcelona as well as a large share of the personal fortune he has already accumulated during his career.

On top of earnings from football Henry has highly lucrative sponsorship deals and appeared in an advert for the Renault Clio in which he starred with his wife and which is also famous for the phrase va-va voom.

He could flummox a defender with his pace and then had the presence of mind to slot the ball past the goalkeeper. Henry’s goal against United at Highbury in 2000 was among the best of the lot.

Unfortunately for us, Sir Alex had warned us before the game about Arsenal playing the ball into Henry’s feet from short free-kicks.

Would it be the fancy footwork of a Christiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi?

Would it be the technical skills of a Franck Ribery or Thomas Muller?

She’s originally from Sarajevo, she’s a model, and she’s reportedly the daughter of a famous plastic surgeon, Nebojsa Rajačić.

She is apparently fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, Italian, and – we presume – the language they speak in Sarajevo.

In a press conference ahead of the MLS All-Star match this evening, former EPL star Thierry Henry started this conversation and praised former teammate Ribery, as well as German superstar Thomas Muller as players he would want his son to imitate. You can copy from Ribery, you can copy from Thomas Muller.'"Henry will play these Bayern players (Ribery and Muller) this evening during the matchup between the MLS All-Stars and Bayern Munich.



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