Who is tyrese dating in 2016

July 25, 2016: Tyrese Gibson has a new woman in his life. Tyrese is dating one of the most BEAUTIFUL sought after women in Hollywood.

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Afterwards, he released his debut single "Nobody Else".

It quickly rose on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, peaking at #36.

Sources have been saying so that they have become closer now.

It has been admitted and confessed by both of them that they love each other a lot.

Tyrese Gibson's new wife has been identified as Samantha Lee.

The 38-year-old actor - who has nine-year-old daughter Shayla with ex-wife Norma - secretly tied the knot on Valentine's Day to a woman whose identity remained a mystery to the public.

So it's the same with Jody and Evette." Beyond the fans wanting more, Gibson may have toyed with the idea then and even now. It's love," he explained, adding, "But I don't look at her like a sister. Henson currently stars as Cookie Lyon on the hit Fox series "Empire," and Gibson couldn't be happier for her and the show's success.

"There's no one in the entire world that's happier than me about the success of 'Empire' and the star power level that Taraji is poppin'," the "Furious 7" star said.

Then on Wednesday night they hit the Cheesecake Factory in Topanga … Kissy Denise - is a warrior, a survivor, a self-made woman and a source of inspiration..

She's half geek, half barbie and calls all the shots.

We can make this estimation that both Tyrese Gibson and Taraji are both getting ready to make this relationship an advanced one, we think that they are planning to move one step ahead in this friendship relation of them.

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