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arbon 14 can only be used to determine the time of death of living cole-based landbased organisms up to the age about 50 000 years Uranium-torium can be used to determine the age of sediment layers, and thus anything that happens to die in them, and can be based back a few 100 000 years.

Its more a question of what your checking then when it lived.

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Global levels of carbon-14 (14C) have been carefully recorded over time.

In one 2010 study, forty-four teeth from 41 individuals (one per individual) were analyzed using aspartic acid racemization analysis of tooth crown dentin or radiocarbon analysis of enamel.

With a constant background of C-14 being incorporated from carbon dioxide into plant material we can see half the beta emission decreasing every 5,700 years. It will be a challenge getting South Africa to get us credentials. "i'd go blind watching you burn, magnesium." I have such good memories of watching this old guy use magnesium as a fuse to set off a plastic bag of settling gas back when I was not much older than a 3rd grader. Most detonations were tests, and a lot more people have been harmed by Alzheimer's. It could be detonated at high altitude so it does not even affect the fish.#science I have started to look for podcasts for my students to listen to to better understand the real world connections to science...

I know there was so much useful information discussed but it was the poem that got me to look up the podcast so I could copy and memorize the ode to M. If we need a test detonation to figure out how the disease progresses more accurately, I don't have a problem with that. they are 8th graders and always connected to the web, but seldom connect to their world beyond their small circles.

Or more precisely, how old are your cells..cells in your liver, or your spleen, or your brain?

It's a question that's harder to answer than you think.

There is an interesting case of a 33 year old Texas woman who enrolled in 10th grade in Texas.

She said she had no transcripts because she had been homeschooled. It also happened in the Little Leagues World Series, if I remember correctly.

That’s because some cells are born after you are, sometimes many many years after, but we’re not really sure which ones, or when — it’s not as if there are cellular birthday parties, marked by balloons and cake.


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