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The original cast: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has been cancelled after 15 years, CBS announced on Wednesday; here is the first batch of actors from the show (from left) George Eads, Eric Szmanda, Jorja Fox, William Petersen, Marg Helgenberger, Gary Dourdan, Paul Guilfoyle and Robert David Hall in 2003This cancellation comes on the heels of Fox ending their long-running competition show American Idol, which currently has Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick Jr as judges and Ryan Seacrest as host.For 15 ratings-gobbling years CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has been television's ultimate guilty pleasure.

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Question: Will any of Nicola Griffith’s novels be made into films? Studios don’t have the guts or smarts to make a movie with a lesbian lead, and independents don’t have the cash.

I’ve had preliminary talks with producers, with a TV network, and with several Big Name screenwriters about three of my novels, but it always comes to nothing.

I think Aud would make an awesome franchise character–she could kick Bourne and Bond butt–but she’s that frightening beastie, a woman who, to quote a review, has not once said “Yes, sir” to the dominant paradigm.

So Aud won’t be appearing at a multiplex anywhere near you (anywhere on the planet) until the studios man up.

But with the world ending, their priorities begin to shift.

Continue reading: Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World Review An almost overpowering sense of hopelessness makes this education-system drama difficult to watch.

Question: There have been rumors that William Petersen will be appearing in the 200th episode of CSI directed by his friend William Friedkin.

Will [former CSI star] Jorja Fox also be appearing with him?

William Petersen - The Paley Center For Media's Paley Fest 2015 Fall TV Preview - 'CSI' Farewell Salute at The Paley Center for Media at The Paley Center for Media - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 16th September 2015Gina Cirone and William L Petersen - CSI star William L Petersen out with his wife Gina and two year old twins visit The Grove shopping Mall in West Hollywood - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 11th December 2013There's a whiff of wilful quirkiness about this apocalyptic comedy-drama, but as the brittle humour quietly transforms into something remarkably emotional, the film gets under our skin in ways we never expect.

With an apocalyptic asteroid strike due in three weeks, Dodge (Carell) wonders why he's still going to work at his dull insurance firm.

Then he runs into Penny (Knightley), distraught because she's broken up with her boyfriend (Brody).

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