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The Handbook is compiled of regulations meant to assist Committee Chairs in determining whether expenses are reimbursable.

Therefore, the Handbook contains broad descriptions of reimbursable expenses, but is not an exhaustive list of such expenses.

• General• Biennial Funding• Disbursements and Disclosure• Monthly Reports• Reserve Fund• Committee Activities Report • General• Contractors• Detailees• Federal Civilian Annuitants• Fellows• Interns• Replacement Employees• Shared Employees• Temporary Agencies• Volunteers• Payroll o General o Appointment o Dual Compensation o Lump Sum Payments o Outside Earned Income o Overtime Wage Rate Compensation o Pay Adjustments o Financial Disclosure o Terminations• Employment Law o Congressional Accountability Act o Nepotism o Non-Disclosure Oath o Post-Employment Restriction o Working From Home Due to a Disability o Telecommuting• Leave o Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) o Furlough o Jury and Witness Duty o Leave Without Pay (LWOP) o Military Leave o Consultants o Advertisements  General  Content  Disclosure  Booths  Electronic Communications• Franked Mail o Use of the Frank o Franked Mail Monthly Statement• Inside Mail• Postal Expenses• Printing and Production of Committee Publications• Stationery• Business Cards• Website o General o Content o Name (URL) o Information Security • Advance Payments• Reimbursement and Direct Payment• Government Purchase Card• Tax Exempt Letters• General Expenses o Appliances o Clipping Services o Decorating Expenses o Deposits o Drug Testing o Dues o Educational Expenses o Employment Related Expenses o Equipment o Food and Beverage Expenses o Framing o Furniture o Incidental Use o Late Fees o Mass Transit Benefit o Messenger Services o Parking o Photography Expenses o Publications o Records Maintenance and Archiving o Items for Official Presentation o Supplies o Telecommunications• Hearings and Meetings o Audio and Video Expenses o Charts and Presentation Materials o Field Hearings o Insurance for Rental Space o Interpreting and Translating Services o Official Reporters o Witnesses • Travel o General o Combined Travel o Unexpected Official Travel o Methods of Travel o Chartered Aircraft o Corporate or Private Aircraft o Department of Defense o Officially Leased Vehicles o Privately-Owned / Privately-Leased Vehicles o Official Travel Expenses o Government Rate Eligibility o Government Travel Card o Government Travel Cardless Accounts o Shared Official Travel Expenses o Travel Promotional Awards• Foreign Travel o General o Authorization o Speaker of the House o Committee Chair o Foreign Travel Reports  Individuals  Committee Chair  Speaker Authorized Travel  Interparliamentary Group or Delegation  Amending Travel Reports  Foreign Gifts and Decorations Report Effective March 16, 2016, the following regulations of the Committee on House Administration, collectively known as the Committees' Congressional Handbook (Handbook), govern all expenditures from Committee funds.

Committee funds are provided to pay ordinary and necessary expenses incurred by Committee Members and employees, vendors for services, and approved consultants in the United States, its territories, and possessions in support of official Committee business, in accordance with the regulations contained in this Handbook.

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