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They audit peoples lives and record it to keep on file, if people don't do as they want then they release their secrets. They usually attempt to improve the world through retreating back to traditional teachings.

An example of this is the Evangelical Church, these Christians are world accommodating as they don't preach about the end of the world, they preach positive messages.

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Belief that God has a special contract with a Hebrew tribe, involving many specific rules of behaviour About Judaism" href="judaism.html"Judaism, Christianity" JQPU_Content="Belief that a single creator god had a son, Jesus Christ, born to a human mother, and that Jesus' crucifixion by the Romans brings salvation About Christianity" href="christianity.html"Islam. Atheism" JQPU_Content="Either (1) the active and extrinsic disbelief that God exists, or (2) an intrinsic lack of belief due to lack of knowledge about god(s) in local culture About atheism" href="atheism.html"Atheism: Belief systems that do not contain any creator god(s).

Buddhism" JQPU_Content="The belief that meditation and good living can break the cycle of reincarnation and result in enlightenment About Buddhism" href="buddhism.html"Taoism are examples of Atheism" JQPU_Content="Either (1) the active and extrinsic disbelief that God exists, or (2) an intrinsic lack of belief due to lack of knowledge about god(s) in local culture About atheism" href="atheism.html"atheist religions.

The term new religious movements (NRMs, sometimes referred to as alternative religious movements, marginal religious movements, or cults) identifies an important but difficult-to-demarcate set of religious entities.

Although some NRMs indeed are of recent origin, many others constitute contemporary rediscoveries or recombinations of cultural themes explored by predecessor groups.

In contrast to movements in earlier eras, contemporary NRMs are much more likely to make conscious decisions about whether to define and present themselves as religious and whether to seek administrative/legal legitimation as religious bodies.

Finally, a great number of NRMs are cultural transplants, most often of Asian origin, new in the sense only that they are new to the West.

The words comes from Greek a-theos which means "no gods". Belief system: A series of beliefs meshed together by a common structure and framework. If evidence for a belief system is found, it becomes a theory (⇒ see: What is Science and the Scientific Method? Cult: A biased and derogatory terms used to describe a small group of non-mainstream believers who are unpopular for some reason.

If enough people share a belief system and it attains a characteristic set of dogmas or practices, then it becomes a religion (⇒ see: What is Religion? There is little agreement amongst sociologists as to what exactly makes a group a "cult". Denomination: A Western term used to denote a major branch of an established religion.

– Negative outlook on the world, they are known as 'millenarian movements' as they believe in the end of the world coming as they don't like the world as it is.


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