Wsus last status report not updating

Sometimes we think that why are we downloading the same updates for each of the PC separately?

wsus last status report not updating-19

WSUS provides update status reports for computers and computer groups in the WSUS network.

You can filter the default views by update status and in some cases by combinations of status (Failed or Needed, Installed/Not Applicable, No Status, and so on).

s-10-1607/Adding KB3176495 as a preinstall package for one of my deployments via MDT seemed to help but it isn't working now.

Have you considered using Fiddler2 to validate the machine is reaching out to the correct WSUS and not any peers?

This can be due to a version mismatch between the Windows update agent and the WSUS server.

WSUS needs to be at version 3.2.7600.251 or later in order to properly communicate with clients at version 7.6.7600.256 or later.

If you need to create a very large report and are concerned about using CPU and memory resources on the WSUS server, you may generate the report from a remote WSUS Administration console.

Update reports show you the status for your updates.

Everything was working fine on the old WSUS server but not on the new one.

I didn't migrate the database but set up a new server (new updates, etc). Maybe there was something cached on the client end in regards to updates?

There are hundreds of results on Google with many pointing to Technet but I still can't get this issue resolved.


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