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I had no illusions that the mixing of the pork filling was ever going to be anything but my responsibility (as it had always been my mother-in-law’s job), but Shake always lent a hand in rolling the lumpia when we made them at her house, and was planning to do so for this special batch. On the other hand, Shake’s mom always said I was faster and better at lumpia assembly.(I will not deny that statements like these may have prompted the actual use of the phrase, “Nyah, nyah! ” I know, I’m horribly competitive—it’s awful.) And in truth, it didn’t take me long to roll up the whole batch on my own.

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Wonderful, in Before I found him, before I got smart, I had to kiss a lot of frogs, cry too many tears, and spend countless hours and dollars on men who didn't deserve the time it took to write this sentence. Ask for, and Get, What You Want Remember: There is someone out there who wants for you to give him what you want to give and who will give you what want you to receive.

I want to save you some time, aggravation, heart-ache and babysitting dollars. Your role in this process is to speak your truth (state your "purpose for dating"), and sort and keep sorting until you've found the person you're going to date, live with, marry, have children with, all of the above, or none of the above.

Shake wanted to do something to remember his mom by, and asked if we could make one of her recipes to share with the family. Unfortunately, Shake came down with an incredibly violent bout of the stomach flu the night before New Year’s Eve. We were pretty happy to see it go.) We ended up eating none of the food we’d bought to make that night, and we didn’t even break out the bubbly.

With him out of commission, lumpy duty fell entirely to me.

“I gave the makeup artist instructions before the shoot, and said the ‘most important thing is that the model doesn’t look Halloween-ish, like Shrek, or like the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz.’” Achieving the shiny green glow required the makeup artist to combine green foundation with a binder to thicken it and apply shine over it, in addition to green lipstick.

The green tongue was a product of Levine’s post-shoot Photoshop handywork.The full-on green cover may be better suited to the expression “green with envy,” but, as Levine says, “envy and jealously are often confused.” The overarching goal was to ensure that the cover didn’t take on a synthetic quality. “Often, I try to create a poster impact, but as PT is a general interest magazine, we’re essentially selling the idea of being a person.I wanted to tie the cover to the gut emotion of jealousy.” DESIGNER’S COMMENTS “Visually, this is a very arresting cover.Dating is an opportunity to ask for what you want, say what you're looking for (your purpose for dating), date lots of people (as many as you'd like), have fun and enjoy the process, have almost zero expectations, and remain unattached to the outcome.When you engage in the art of dating from the right place physically, mentally and emotionally, you actually stand a better chance of ending up with the person who is the best fit for you sooner. If you've been searching for "the one" and beating your head against the wall, crying yourself to sleep, or lamenting to your BFF how "a good man is hard to find," well, stop it.A century ago, a 16-year-old Irish girl reluctantly arrived on Ellis Island, betrothed to a much older pub owner about whom she knew nothing.


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  4. Connecting Singles has everything you need to connect with new friends, people to talk to, things to do, and maybe... Invite your friends to go out, then swipe and match with other groups who want to meet up.

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  6. He logs onto the dating site Ok Cupid and begins answering some questions.“What are you looking for?

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