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When you tap on one of those folders, you then get a list of relevant XM stations.On my X (as in the post above), all I get is a single folder with a single station and the only way to navigate to, say, XM21 is to tap the advance button over and over.

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You can record up to five channels at the same time, so getting vast amounts of music/talk on to the device in a timely fashion is easy; provided you have correctly installed the home dock.

The playback is flawless and is much more convenient than listening live since you can skip songs, commercials, etc.

Called Tesla service and they can't explain why my wife's S has this and our cars don't. I suspect someone in the Tesla network knows how to get the full XM file structure on screen. Hopefully a monitor can pick up this thread and help us out!!!

;-) If you make the radio full screen and then press the XM button on the top right next to AM/FM you can use your finger (about half way down) and slide down the over lay screen to reveal the XM stations. You provided the additional information that was needed to get to the preset groups of XM radio to show up.

If you plan on using it mostly in an automobile (with a live signal), that means purchasing an additional car cradle/antenna.

If you wish to use it mostly indoors, you'll need to install the included home dock/antenna properly. In fact, I was able to listen to live XM/Sirius radio while biking over the weekend with very little interruption.Problem: You get to your computer or connect to your VPS server and find out that MT4 platform shows “No Connection” status message in the right-bottom corner, while it was working fine when you left.Solution: Try to reconnect your MT4 to broker server and find out the reason for connection problems.I also used the home dock to record some of my favorite shows for playback later.I believe it is the ability to record programming which is this unit's strong suit.Green/red means the direct connection to the server.

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